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An altitude of 500m, a summer resort!

Day trip resort from Nagoya



Blueberry Farm Toyota Kakelabo


Pre-opening in June 2024

Toyota City, Aichi Japan


Blueberries are not sour!

Blueberries do not ripen after harvesting like bananas. Therefore, most imported blueberries on the market are sour because they are picked before they are fully ripe to avoid damage. Freshly picked, fully ripe blueberries are very sweet and really delicious.At our garden, you can compare dozens of varieties at any time. Conversations such as, "Mom, these blueberries are sweet," or "These are really big!
Children will surely have fun ranking their favorite blueberry varieties (we recommend using this as a theme for their free research).Not only can you enjoy the best blueberries for an unlimited amount of time, but you can also enjoy sweet treats while dipping your feet in the river that flows through the park.


blueberry farm

Toyota Kakelabo

Enjoy summer to the fullest

Dip your feet in the cool river water

Comparing foodstuffs

Compare dozens of varieties of blueberries

at any given time(50 varieties grown)

Lots of good food

Shaved ice and smoothies can also be enjoyed.

Fun all day long

Unlimited time, all-you-can-eat, and great satisfaction!


April 2024 45 trees added! What a total of 52 varieties, 690 trees!

July - September 2023 Thank you for your support through crowdfunding (CAMPFIRE).

June 2023 Farm area completed. Published on Instagram! (Please search for us at @Kakelabo.

June 2023: The farm area has been completed. It has been published on Instagram! Please search for it (@kakelabo).

Opening period

June 2024 OPEN

Business hours: 9:00 - 16:00
Unlimited time, all-you-can-eat

Price list


2200 JPY

J.H&H School

2000 JPY

Elementary School

1000 JPY

Kindergarten Children

500 JPY

Free for children under 4 years old

Payment can be made by (Cash, PayPay)


FAQ and


  • Sales of fresh blueberries
    Fresh blueberries picked that morning are on sale at the reception desk. If you would like to buy some, it would be convenient for you to bring a cooler box. However, please note that we do not allow coolers or large bags to be brought onto the farm.
  • Clothing and insect repellent
    Our garden is located at an altitude of 500m, so it feels relatively cool, but the sunlight is strong in the garden in summer, so please bring a hat and towel. Also, please take measures against insects. Parasols cannot be used within the orchard to prevent fruit from falling.
  • In case of rain
    We will be open as usual. If there are impacts from typhoons or other natural disasters, opening hours may change or the facility may be temporarily closed.
  • About the toilets
    Our facility is equipped with flush toilets. 1 room for men only, 1 room for women only
  • Parking
    20 cars (free)
  • Accepting groups
    We are unable to allow large buses or minibuses to visit the park as we do not have parking space available. We can accommodate groups arriving in standard passenger cars.
  • How to use the cafe space
    It is only open during the farm's opening hours. You can also use the cafe space only. There is no admission fee, but you cannot enter the farm.
  • About children
    Please keep small children under the supervision of an adult. Our garden has many natural environments, and there is a stream nearby. Please do not enter as it is dangerous. In addition, there is a general public road between our parking lot and the park, so please be careful when moving because there are vehicles coming and going.
  • Nursing room - Strollers
    We do not have nursing rooms available. Strollers are permitted. *Please be aware that there are some areas where the footing is unstable.
  • Pet admission
    Pets are only allowed in the cafe area. However, please be considerate and put them in a pet cart so as not to cause inconvenience to other customers. Pets are not allowed in the blueberry picking farm.
  • Bringing in food
    Please refrain from bringing food with you, except for baby food and snacks for children.
  • Smoking and drinking
    Smoking is prohibited anywhere on the premises. Please refrain from doing so as littering cigarette butts can cause forest fires. Drinking alcohol is strictly prohibited.




Ienoshita, Kobata-cho, Toyota City, Aichi, Japan

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